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Page Four

Many characters make up the faire, some being longtime participants with a wide collection of items that completes their characters. On the left, a wench advertises pewter wares, doing a dance while balancing a mug on her head to attract attention. Whereas the man on the right attracts attention to himself using cowbells.

Here, an apprentice pewtersmith works on a disk of pewter, hammering it against that bag of sand in front of him to shape it without thinning it too much.

 Notice the color of his garb is dyed indigo blue, which is appropriate for his station.  This was at the Balleena Bay shop. I did not stay to see what he made of that disk.

 You cannot see it here, because I edited it out, but the lad was wearing a digital watch on his right wrist; a bit of a flaw in his garb I daresay.

 Keep that in mind please for your costume. Let's not have any such glaring errors. (I keep a cheap pocket watch in my bag for when I need the time. It's not so obvious as a wristwatch, and much less than a digital one. 8^>)

The Queen of Misrule and her court kicking up their heels as the town prepares for the arrival of the Queen. There were lots of bells and streamers on these costumes. The Queen's gown here had seriously slashed sleeves with the chemise showing through underneath. In fact, the whole bodice and overskirt looked like they were individuial panels tied together with ribbons and the corners, making the whole thing look slashed, and very open. 
Foolishness must expend a lot of energy, because later that day I found these same folk at the Green Man Inn, in the condition you see below! .
Of course, this was only half an hour before the faire closed for the day.  I forget exactly what the fool in the middle was complaining about, but it had something to do with the heat and lack of decent drink, I think.
Having pointed out that there is nothing more pathetic than a sad jester, they came back with an appropriatly cutting riposte, and that perked them up a bit.  I didn't mind the jibe, since it made for a better looking picture.

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