Finishing Touches

Hat band and Plumes

For the outer hat band, Take about 2 yards of satin ribbon and wrap it around the base of the crown and tie it up with a bow. You will want to cut the very ends of this ribbon on the bias, or on the diagonal, to keep it from fraying as badly as usual. Now, on the side you plan to turn up and pin to the crown, either glue or stitch the ribbon in place so it will stay put. This also takes stress off the knot in the bow, so it will not untie itself to easily.

Fold up the brim and pin it to the crown, using a hat pin or whatever other means you wish, and tuck the ostrich plume into the hat band. You might even want to pin the plume in place (say that three times fast.). Add whatever else you want on the form of decoration/

You're Done!

See how easy that was? It is like building a model. There are some smaller parts that you have to glue together to make a sensible whole. In sewing, you make the parts, and the thread acts like the glue. It is so easy.

I hope you enjoyed making this Cavalier' Hat from scratch as much as I enjoyed making this project to help you. Please write back, and tell me how things worked out. If you have any questions, e-mail me and I will be happy to help you further.

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Rush your order via e-mail right away. Maybe I'll see you at the Faire. Fare thee well!

                                                Daniel Baca
                                             The Auld Garb Monger
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