The Auld Garb Monger Sewing Projects

Tudor Flat Cap

There is little else like making something yourself and having it turn out just right. I know the feeling is rare. And, it seems, the more challenging the project, the greater the satisfaction. I designed this booklet with the first-time tailor in mind. It will take you, step-by-step, through the preparation, cutting, and assembling of an authentic Tudor flat cap appropriate for any Renaissance Fair. This design is simple and rugged. When you are finished, you will have learned:

Now get yourself set up to sew the cap by following the steps below.

Step One

Before You Start

Completely and carefully read these instructions over. Even for a small project, you do not want to discover, at the end, that you forgot to do something. In developing my costumes, I have had this happen often enough to realize that I can mess up even a familiar pattern this way, much more so a new one.

In addition, because you are custom-fitting this, and other, costume pieces, you must know before you start cutting where you will enlarge or size down the pattern.

Step Two

Gather the tools you will need to do this project.

Step Three

Now gather the materials you will use for your hat.

A Few Terms You Need to Know

Step One

Setting Up the Pattern

Laying out the Pattern and Sewing

Fitting and Final Assembly

Finishing Touches